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Making a Living Low Character

Living Low Characters are Novice Low Life: Rise of the Lowly (Re-Dredged) characters. To create a character you will need the following:

  1. A Character Sheet (FREE) - Be sure and save this PDF form local on your computer before opening it and filling it out. If you just click the link, fill it out in your browser and save it, it will save a blank form!
  2. Savage Worlds Deluxe (Core Book) this contains base character skills, edges and hindrances that are used in Low Life.
  3. Low Life: Rise of the Lowly (ReDredged) (PDF Version)- The core setting book for Low Life with all the setting specific character creation information.
  4. (Optional) The Whole Hole - A Gadabout's Guide to Mutha Oith - Volume 01: Keister Island (PDF Version)- The first supplement for Low Life which contains additional races, edges, hindrances, religions and gear!
  5. The Living Low Character Creation Guide (FREE)- an overview of the Living Low character creation process and the rules governing Living Low.
  6. (Optional) The Living Low Character Creation Worksheet (Free) - A Worksheet to guide you through the process and record your selections along the way.

Once you finish your character, Sign Up if you haven't already and then eMail your character sheet to!

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