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  1. First step is to visit and signup for The Whole Hole Explorer's Societe'. You do not have to participate in Whole Hole Explorer's Societe' shenanigans (though you may find it both profitable AND enjoyable!), however the WHES account is the basis of the Living Low tracking system.
  2. Make Yourself up a beginining Novice (0 XP) LEGAL Low Life Re-Dredged character.Low Life Core book (Print, PDF), The Whole Hole Volume 01: Keister Island (Print, PDF) and both The Hareian Race created by our own Zlozz Kirpanskl and Marshfellows legitimibolbulated by THE ANDY HOPP!!! are all fair game for materials. Fill out one of THESE Character Sheets and eMail it to me at Phyllin MacKrakin - Reference this handy Character Creation Guide!
  3. You will receive a confirmation eMail with all kinds of additional info in it then.

Any Questions, feel free to contact me at the above eMail, Phyllin

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